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Our furry family

I live with my husband, our 4 cats Inky, Jasper, Mocha, Goober and our fish!



Link had sadly passed away on New Years day, 2022. This page is


partially in remembrance of him and all the love he had given me


through his short time on Earth. He taught me patience, love,


perseverance and dedication; life long lessons for sure. These


wounds will never heal but I continue to open my heart to all the


animals out there that are in need!



Inky is our second oldest at 2 years of age. She is a sweet girl despite her having severe anxiety. She likes Link but doesn't like the babies so much. I have learned that patience (and multiple hiding spots including kitty towers) is key and she hisses less now that she has grown accustomed. I always recommend feliway collars and diffusers for multiple cat households. 



Jasper is our second youngest kitty, as he just turned 1 in August. He was our covid ragdoll kitty. He is a big, lovable boy that loves playing fetch, getting belly rubs, getting brushed and being with his mommy and daddy (more so daddy)!



Mocha is our newest ragdoll baby, who was born at the end of February 2021. She was a surprise from my husband and she chose me as her human. She loves snuggles and LOTS of play time!



Goober adopted us while we were down in Florida, visiting family January 2022. He is Link's angel and his background story is complex. He is such a laidback sweetheart and he is such a loving member of our family!



We have several fish tanks!

You can trust me to take care of your fish including changing their water, giving medication, feeding appropriate foods
and quarantining as necessary!

If you have any questions or would like to start a tank, I am always happy to give advice to the upcoming fish keeper!

I also personally offer aquascaping design and sump design for those larger tanks for monster fish!

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