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Summer Time Safety!

Summer is upon us, which means skyrocketing temperatures and potential dangers for your pet. Take note of these helpful tips to keep your pooch or kitty safe during the hot months!

Hot Cars: NEVER leave your pet in the car! Even on mild days, internal temperatures can turn fatal in just 15 minutes. Cracked windows don't count!

Puddles: Summertime is rain or shine, but don't let your pup drink from puddles. Standing water can be contaminated with nasty bacteria, insecticide or fertilizer. This goes for lakes too! Offer fresh, cool drinking water instead!

Allergies: Respiratory allergies and seasonal skin conditions are common from May to October with plants and fungi in full bloom. Protect your pet from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and heartworm with proper vet- approved preventatives.

Cool treats: Offer your pet an icy cool treat! Does your dog like peanut butter? Try freezing it in Kong for a tasty cold treat that will keep them occupied! Cats love to play hockey with ice cubes, you can even drizzle tuna juice into the cubes before freezing!

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